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With over thirty different cupcakes to choose from our Best Sellers cupcake assortment includes 12 of our most popular cupcakes at the time! Perfect for any occasion!

Best Seller Dozen Cupcake Collection

    • 1 Dozen (12)
    • Buttery vanilla cupcakes topped with sweet vanilla buttercream and Chocolate buttercream
    • Rich chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate buttercream and vanilla buttercream
    • Decadent Triple chocolate cupcake filled and topped with dark chocolate ganache
    • Red Velvet cupcake topped with tangy cream cheese frosting
    • Rich chocolate cupcake topped with Oreo buttercream
    • And the rest are an assortment of our Most Popular Flavors at the time that is sure to be a SWEET surprise!! 
    • No transfats or artificial ingredients
    • May contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts
    • Each cupcake is packaged in our signature gift box.
    • Do not Refrigerate cupcakes
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