We are currently maxed out on all cake pops, custom cake pop orders, and holiday cake pops until 12/20 after 3pm. Get your December orders in early to avoid disappointment.  

Pink Sunshine Cake Pops.jpg


Pink Sunshine Dozen in Gift Box

Queen City Chic Cake Pops.jpeg


Queen City Chic Dozen in Gift Box

Pink Princess Cake Pops.jpeg


Pink Princess Dozen in Gift Box

Magical Unicorn Cake Pops.jpeg


Magical Unicorn Dozen in Gift Box

Goldilocks .jpg


Goldilox Dozen in Gift Box

Glitter Cake Pops.jpeg


Sparkle Pops Dozen in Gift Box

No Way Rose.jpeg


Rose Gold Dozen in Gift Box

Oh Baby Cake Pops.jpeg


Oh Baby Dozen in Gift Box

Wedding Cake Pop Favor - 1.JPG

Call for Quote

Wedding Favor Cake Pops

Geode Cake Pops.jpg


Geode Dozen in Gift Box

Oh Boy Cake Pops.jpeg


It's a Boy Dozen in Gift Box

Romantic Cake Pops.JPG


Romantic Dozen in Gift Box

Mickey Rings Wrapped Cake Pops.jpg


Character Ring Individually Wrapped - Dozen

Pokemon Cake Pops.jpeg


Monster Ball - 12

Cake Pop Gift Box.jpeg


Cake Pop Gift Box -18

Balloon Cakesicles - 4.JPG

$4.95 - 1

Balloon Cakesicles (min 12)

Unicorn Cakesicles - 4.jpg

$5.75 - 1

Unicorn Face Cakesicles (min 12)

make up hand painted

Dinosaur Cakesicle.jpg

$4.95 - 1

Dinosaur Cakesicles (min 12) 

One Cakesicles.jpg

$4.95 - 1

I'm One Cakesicles (min 12) 

Halloween Cakesicles.JPG

$4.95 - 1

Halloween Cakesicles (min 12)

will be available in the case starting October

Shellebrate Cakesicles.jpeg

$4.95 - 1

Shellebrate Cakesicles (min 12)